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Design and Operation of a Conditioning Energy Recovery Ventilator (CERV) for Passive Houses

Ben Newell, Newell Instruments, Inc.

January 22, 2009

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Ty and Ben Newell will present information about their work on creating a comfort conditioning system for a zero energy residence. The seminar will discuss the energy conditioning characteristics of energy efficient homes and a system under development to meet these requirements. Central Illinois is a difficult environment for efficient conditioning of buildings. Arctic blasts in the winter and hot, humid summers require conditioning systems that have the capacity to operate efficiently in the extremes of winter and summer. Zero energy homes (also called Net-zero homes) are highly insulated and sealed buildings that require relatively low capacity, but highly flexible heating and cooling capabilities. Newell Instruments is developing a new class of house conditioning system called a CERV (Conditioning Energy Recovery Ventilator) designed for superinsulated and supersealed homes. The system is an air-source heat pump designed to operate in the most extreme cold weather (below 0F) and, to cool and dehumidify during the summer. The system also provides fresh air ventilation to the conditioned space. The seminar will be broadcast live on our website and archived there for later viewing.

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