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Water Harvesting For Commercial & Institutional Buildings

Presented by John R. Bauer, President, Wahaso: Water Harvesting Solutions, Inc., Hinsdale, IL

March 6, 2012

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The days of limitless, inexpensive municipal water are coming to an end. The cost and availability of fresh water is seen as the next most important crisis in our country after energy. According to Fortune magazine, 'water promises to be to the 21st century what oil was to the 20th.' Yet every day commercial properties use billions of gallons of potable water to flush toilets, water landscaping and cool the air. There is growing interest in onsite water reuse systems that capture, treat, store and recycle rainwater, greywater, stormwater and other sources to flush toilets, irrigate landscaping, make-up cooling tower water and other non-potable uses. Water Harvesting Solutions (Wahaso) specializes in these systems for commercial and institutional properties, and has designed and installed hundreds systems nationwide. Points of discussion in this presentation will be: ''Water Harvesting' trends and drivers 'System Development Process 'Scoping Stage - Tools for Designing an Efficient System 'Understanding different sources and uses for harvested onsite treated water 'Understanding major system components 'Applying the concepts ' Case Study Examples.

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