Illinois Sustainable Technology Center - University of Illinois

Illinois Sustainable Technology Center - University of Illinois

ISTC Staff


Kevin O'Brien, Director
Julie A. Dyar, Administrative Aide
Erica L. Hanson, Human Resources Administrator
Margaret Morrison, Senior Business and Finance Coordinator

Applied Research on Industrial Environmental Systems Program (ARIES)

Kishore Rajagopalan, Associate Director for ARIES
Susan Barta, Analytical Chemist
Sriraam Ramanathan Chandrasekaran, Lead Research Engineer
Jennifer Deluhery, Process Chemist
Laurel Dodgen, Postdoctoral Research Associate
Srirupa (Rupa) Ganguly, Process Development Engineer
Bidhya Kunwar, Postdoctoral Research Associate
John Scott, Senior Chemist
Lance Schideman, Research Scientist
B.K. Sharma, Senior Research Engineer
Wei Zheng, Senior Research Scientist

Technical Assistance Program (TAP)

Debra Jacobson, Senior Operations Manager
Bart Bartels, Technical Assistance Engineer
Dan Marsch, Environmental Engineer
Shantanu Pai, Assistant Sustainability Researcher
Vinod Patel, Manufacturing Engineer
Joe Pickowitz, Environmental Engineer
Mike Springman, Environmental Engineer
Troy Walker, Technical Assistance Engineer
Irene Zlevor, Office Administrator
Lama BouFajreldin, Associate Research Scientist in Human Dimensions

Sponsored Research, Public Engagement, and Communications (SRPEC)

Nancy Holm, Assistant Director for SRPEC
Laura L. Barnes, Sustainability Information Curator/GLRPPR Executive Director
William Bullock, Affiliated Faculty Scientist
Jim Dexter, Communications Coordinator
Debbie Folks-Huber, Web Development Specialist
Elizabeth Meschewski, Research Specialist
John C. Marlin, Research Affiliate
Lauren Quinn, Technical Editor
Bryan Reigart, Academic Hourly - IT Associate
Joy Scrogum, Emerging Technologies Resource Specialist
Phyllis Bannon-Nilles, Academic Hourly - GLRPPR

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