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PCB Seminars

A one-day workshop "PCBs and Their Impact in Illinois" was held at the University of Illinois Chicago (UIC) campus on Wednesday, Sept. 17. This workshop brought together expert perspectives representing industry, law, public health, and environmental science, in a public forum on best practices and trends in the management of PCBs. ISTC organized this event as part of its outreach work focused on important environmental/societal/economic issues in the state.

Workshop Archives - Click on a slide to watch the video.


Welcome and Overview

Session 1

Amanda Hughes Charles Neslund Philip Comella Questions and Answers

Session 2

Philip Comella Warren Lavey Donald Keefer Max West Questions and Answers

Session 3

John Woodyard Warren Lavey Amanda Hughes Krishna Reddy Questions and Answers

Session 4

John Woodyard Dan Schmittdiel Max West Warren Lavey Questions and Answers

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