Approaches to the Comparison of Oil Extraction Methods for Algae

ISTC researchers, B.K. Sharma, John Scott, and Kishore Rajagopalan, developed new analytical methods for the rapid identification and characterization of neutral lipids in the oil extracts of algae. They also studied the effects of various oil extraction methods on the lipid profile. The researchers used a variety of algae samples and various solvent extraction methods and discovered that the neutral lipid and lipid profiles in the oil extracts are dependent upon the extraction method and solvent used for extraction. More details of their work can be found in their paper, “Approaches to the Comparison of Oil Extraction Methods for Algae.”

They also presented a paper at the 14th Indian Society for Mass Spectrometry (Nov-2011) on this research, titled “ICAP and ICP-MS Techniques for Metal Extraction Efficiency of Algae by Various Solvents.”