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2017 Sustainability Award winners to be announced Oct. 24

2017 ISA award ceremony

Registration is now open for the 2017 Illinois Sustainability Award Ceremony and Symposium on Tuesday, Oct. 24 at the Union League Club of Chicago. Keynote speakers for the event will be Rich Berger, vice president of engineering, food supply, for Clif Bar & Company and Nancy Liaboe, director, global EHS governance & product stewardship, at Abbott.

DOE backs public-private partnership to put CO2 to work producing animal feed

algae growing reactor

Prairie Research Institute researchers are embarking on an effort to give troublesome carbon dioxide gas more of what it currently lacks -- value -- by demonstrating its feasibility for producing animal feed.

Researchers identify a cheaper, greener biofuels processing catalyst

workshop planned on plastic recycling

Common bacteria and a precious metal form the latest strategy by ISTC Senior Researcher B. K. Sharma to move biofuels into the mainstream of liquid fuels. He and collaborators at the University of Birmingham in England have produced a bio-catalyst for removing nitrogen and oxygen contaminants from biocrude.

Symposium to explore plastic recycling

workshop planned on plastic recycling

“Revitalizing Plastics Recycling” will be the topic for a symposium hosted by the Illinois Recycling Association and the Illinois Sustainable Technology Center on Sept. 12.


Project moves forward to turn state roadways into a renewable energy source

video link to research on using grass mowed along highways into energy

The Illinois Department of Transportation has approved implementation of a renewable energy demonstration project using grasses collected from mowing highway rights-of-way (ROW).


Demonstrations yield cleaner wastewater with energy benefits

Two new clean water technologies under development at ISTC were demonstrated on campus June 2 that address basic problems in both urban and rural wastewater treatment.

Small companies save big with tech advice

technical assistance available for small businessISTC offers technical assistance for companies in smaller towns and rural areas which has saved Illinois business an estimated $24 million dollars during its first eight years. ICORE finds ways to save energy, waste, and water so companies are more profitable and sustainable.

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Beginning September 13, Joy Scrogum, ISTC sustainability specialist and technical assistance program team member, will teach “Reuse as a Sustainability Strategy” at the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) at Illinois. Spaces remain available, so sign up today! The 8-week course … Continue reading
Join us in celebrating the recipients of the 2017 Illinois Sustainability Award!  Register now for the Illinois Sustainability Awards Ceremony and Technical Symposium!  Don’t miss the event, held on October 24th at the Union League Club of Chicago, for an … Continue reading
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