Joe Pickowitz

Environmental EngineerJoe Pickowitz

One East Hazelwood Drive
Champaign, Illinois 61820
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Joe Pickowitz, Technology Evaluation Specialist (also known as MacGyver), oversees emerging technology pilots at ISTC, and maintains, invents, modifies, fabricates and operates innovative technology equipment both at ISTC laboratories and at industrial facilities when called upon. He also works directly with other ISTC, ETAP program research engineering staff to conduct evaluations, and find sustainable opportunities, and solutions for a wide range of industries.

Mr. Pickowitz has extensive experience in industrial processes with respect to the implementation of emerging sustainable technologies. He has 28 years of industrial experience, and previously worked in a variety of positions for one of the world’s largest manufacturers of flexible electrical conduit. He heads the U of I Biodiesel program on campus, that assist’s a student engineering group that converts waste cooking oil, to biodiesel that is reused on campus. He has worked with McDonalds Corp. in converting research kitchen oil to biodiesel that was used to power McDonald’s Corp. campus vehicles. Joe is also heavily involved with a not-for-profit startup technology group People, Partner, and Place, who are conducting a Jatropha Pepinye research project in Terrier Rough, Haiti, to convert Jatropha seed oil to biodiesel.

Mr. Pickowitz also holds 3 patents for aqueous parts washer fluid in-process recycling methods, an in-process parts washer oil/water separation apparatus, and an in-process OWS machine coolant reclaiming skimming, and coalescing device. He received his B.S. degree from Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville.


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