Sediment for Soil Redevelopment

researchers standing in test plot grid

This picture taken in February, 2003 shows Peoria Lake sediment placed at the Paxton 1 landfill near Lake Calumet in October of 2002. The sediment is in a triangular pattern extending toward the van in the background. The light gray material is clay used to cap the landfill. The ropes and flags mark off plots for grass seed mixes. No fertilizer or water was added.

researchers standing in test plot with lots of vegetation growing in the test plot

The same site on August 12, 2003. The grass plots are doing well and other plants colonized the rest of the sediment. The annual rye grass on the right is brown because its season is ending.

researcher holding up a ball of grass with long roots and soil

Grass sod taken from a plot 4.5 months after planting shows healthy root development and soil structure.

small hole dug in the test plot to expose the soil with a measuring tape showing the depth at 12 inches

The first 10 inches of sediment developed good soil structure in less than a year. It is developing physical properties similar to topsoil that eroded into the river to form sediment.