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Waste Sort

Enhanced Waste Audits

Design and help implement site specific waste audits ranging in scope from individual buildings to large communities. By analyzing both material inputs and outputs within a facility, we identify more opportunities to help your organization achieve Zero Waste.

paper and bottles recycling

Enhanced Management Planning

Help clients to identify gaps in and opportunities to improve existing waste management processes. Additionally, we can offer solutions for site-specific constraints that prevent greater waste diversion.

compost at a commerical compost facility

Composting/Anaerobic Digestion

Conduct business outreach and research to support food waste reduction and diversion efforts. We assist clients with setting up successful compost programs by conducting waste stream assessments, designing signage, and training employees. We are also researching a growing number of food scrap technology options, including aerobic and anaerobic digestion, and in-vessel composting.

Shantanu Pai talking to stakholders

Stakeholder Engagement

Partner with employees, students, and communities to improve existing waste reduction programs through education and training. We provide advice on communication strategies that lead to lasting behavior change.