Zero Waste Illinois

Recent Successes

Enhanced Waste Audit Services

U of I Campus Waste Characterization download PDF Icon recycling Waste Reduction Icon community icon
Champaign-Urbana, IL

Status: Complete
Pounds of waste sorted: 3,400 lbs
Number of recommendations made: 12
Potential diversion when recommendations implemented: 50%

City Building Download City of Urbana Zero Waste Case StudyDownload City of Urbana Recycling Survey Report community icon teamwork icon recycling icon
Urbana, IL

Status: Complete
Pounds of waste sorted: 765 lbs
Number of recommendations made: 7
Potential diversion when recommendations implemented: 70%

Mid-sized manufacturing facility savings icon recycling icon Waste Reduction Icon
Wheaton, IL

Status: Implementation phase
Pounds of waste sorted: 600 lbs
Number of recommendations made: 6
Potential diversion when recommendations implemented: 62%

Commercial high-rise food scraps icon teamwork icon recycling icon
Rosemont, IL

Status: Implementation phase
Pounds of waste sorted: 400 lbs
Number of recommendations made:9
Potential diversion when recommendations implemented: 60%

Recycling and Composting Technical Assistance Services

Chicago Compost Collection Network food scraps icon community icon savings icon Planet icon
Compost Program Technical Assistance

Status: Complete
Assisted 6 Chicago-area institutions in launching/improving food scrap diversion
Total 3,248 lbs of food scraps diverted in 6 months

U of I Dining Services Download ISTC Customer Testimonial PDFDownload Giving Sustainability a Hand PDFDownload Nitrile Glove Recycling Implementation Project PDFrecycling icon planet iconcommunity icon
Nitrile Glove Recycling Program

Status: Pilot scale
Over 25,000 gloves recycled per month
Expanding to other dining facilities on campus

Illinois Food Scrap Coalition food scraps icon planet icon waste reduction
Market Development Initiative

Status: Ongoing
Identifying opportunities to grow compost use throughout Illinois
Developing compost use specifications for state purchasing offices
Creating Market Development Factsheets

U of I Athletics Download Zerowaste Gameday Case Study PDFfood scraps icon planet icon community icon
Zero Waste Football Game

Status: Complete
Coordinated logistics and worked with Stadium vendors / employees to achieve over 60% diversion rate.
Coordinated 100+ volunteers to assist with gameday zero waste activities.
Recommended signage and bin placement improvements

Illinois Green Office Challenge saving icon planet icon teamwork icon teamwork icon
Bloomington / Champaign / Peoria Region

Status: Ongoing
Competition among Central Illinois businesses to achieve key green office benchmarks
Created online portal for challenge coordination / interaction
Coordinating outreach and technical assistance events

Chicago Department of Aviation food scraps icon teamwork icon waste reduction icon

Status: Ongoing
Assisted in creating a food scrap collection for O’Hare Airport
Recommended energy efficiency improvements for North Lawndale facility
Assist with Airports Going Green Conference

Student Sustainability Committee Download Quad Recycling Containers Implementation Project PDF recycling icon community icon
Recycling on the Quad

Status: Implementation
Setting up public recycling stations on the University of Illinois Quad
Coordination of outreach and implementation evaluation

Forest Preserve of Cook County Download Recycling and Waste Reduction Opportunity Assessment PDFrecycling icon waste reduction icon community icon food scraps icon
Solid Waste Characterization and Zero Waste Assistance

Status: Implementation
Measure and characterize baseline material generation at key picnic sites and other priority facilities.
Analyze recycling opportunity benefits and costs for materials that are not currently included in the District’s recycling program.
Develop picnic permitting standards related to waste disposal practices and picnic supplies purchasing.
Conduct employee training and public outreach activities focused on waste reduction and recycling.
Conduct pilot implementation of zero waste facilities.

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