Malcolm Cole

Field Chemist Malcolm Cole

2204 Griffith Drive, Building 3
Champaign, Illinois 61820
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Malcolm Cole is a Field Chemist for the Institutional Water Treatment (IWT) Services, part of the Technical Assistance Program (TAP) at the Illinois Sustainable Technology Center (ISTC). Malcolm provides water testing services for institutional heating, cooling, and distribution water systems to state and private facilities for controlling corrosion, scale, and biological growth. Malcolm has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology from Southwest Adventist University. Prior to joining IWT, he served as a chemist in the Public Service Laboratory of the Illinois State Water Survey and as a Laboratory Manager at Southwest Adventist University and as a Medical Student Researcher in the Department of Neurology at Loma Linda University.

IWT Services helps facilities reduce energy, water, and treatment chemical use, as well as increase equipment life and reduce maintenance and cleaning costs in steam boiler, cooling tower and closed loop systems. Proper water treatment also reduces the risk of Legionnaires Disease from cooling towers and recirculating domestic hot water systems.


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