Science Resource Boxes

As part of a Public Engagement Grant for the Naturally Illinois Expo, 16 science resource boxes were created with activities that represented the five Scientific Surveys (Illinois Sustainable Technology Center, Illinois Natural History Survey, Illinois State Water Survey, Illinois State Geological Survey, and Illinois State Archaeological Survey). Ten elementary and two middle schools aged activities were made with the Champaign-Urbana One-to-One Mentoring Program in mind, but can be used by teachers and homeschoolers as well. The Prairie Research Institute Library houses a middle school level box and the STEM Research Center at Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville will house an elementary box. Both may be checked out by the public. You can check the availability of the middle school box at the Prairie Research Institute Library and can contact Colin Wilson at the STEM Research Center for the availability of the elementary school level box. The activities are less than 45 minutes long in length. Some allow for opportunities for further research (homemade rain gauge), outside movement and play (bird migration activity), and rethinking environmental issues in the world (keyboard key beads). Books relating to the topics are also included to further discussion and education.

For more information on the Science Resource Boxes, please contact Nancy Holm.

resource boxestutor teaching using the resources from the box