ISTC's Laboratories

May 31 - 1-1:30 PM at ISTC (1 E. Hazelwood Dr. Champaign, IL)

Learn more about the Illinois Sustainable Technology Center's research on contaminant detection and bench-scale removal studies.

Pilot-Scale Contaminant Removal Technology

June 1 - 3:30-4:30 PM at UI Swine Farm Curtis Road entrance.

Visit U of I's swine farm lagoon and see two pilot-scale contaminant removal systems that are applicable for sewage or manure treatment.


Vegetable Oil Filtration
This filtration system is 55 gallons in size and can be put in series or parallel to work with small- to medium-sized animal feeding operation liquid manure lagoons and small rural wastewater treatment lagoons. It uses the hydrophobic nature of any hormones remaining in the liquid manure or sewage to trap them in the oil to prevent their release into the environment.

Algae Treatment and Energy Production
This treatment method is fully scalable to any size system and works best with large animal feeding operations and traditional wastewater treatment plant technologies. The algae remove nutrients and other contaminants from sewage and manure. Then the algae is separated from the water. The water can be discharged and the algae are processed using hydrothermal liquefaction to create liquid fuel and other bioenergy products.

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If you have any questions about the tours, please contact Elizabeth Meschewski.