Pharmaceutical Nano-CarboScavengers

A collaborative team of researchers from Carle Foundation Hospital, Northwestern University, and the University of Illinois (Department of Bioengineering, Illinois Applied Research Institute, and Illinois Sustainable Technology Center) developed a non-toxic bio-based nanoparticle as an alternative to traditional cleanup methods for oil spills. They have modified this nanoparticle, called Nano-CarboScavengers (NCS), so that they can be used to clean up pharmaceutical residue from the environment. The new particles are called Pharmaceutical-Nano-CarboScavengers or PNCS. Preliminary laboratory results have shown a removal rate of approximately 63% for carbamazepine, 99.76% for gemfibrozil, and 99.9% triclocarban from water samples.

Funding for this project also came from the Institute for Sustainability, Energy, and Environment at the University of Illinois. Read more about the oil cleaning Nano-CarboScavenger.