Illinois River Project Fact Sheets

Below are a list of fact sheets relating to Illinois River. Follow the links to view more information.

Corn Growth in Sediment Amended Plots

left image: guy holding bags of corn; center image: corn grown on rich dark sediment is big and healthy, corn grown on light sediment is small and missing cernals; right image: John Marlin posing next to tall corn

This fact sheet shows a growth comparison between two corn plots. One plot contained native sandy soil, the other was amended with sediment from Peoria Lake on the Illinois River.

Sediment Soil for Redevelopment

left image: measuring tap showing the depth of the rich black soil at 12 inches; middle image: hand holding long healthy roots from plants growing ontop of the soil; right image: short pole with yellow flag and white rope sectioning of a grid

This fact sheet shows plant growth and soil structure development on a plot of Peoria Lake sediment in Chicago.