Mud to Parks Videos

These video clips show the handling of sediment from the Illinois River's Peoria Lake where it was excavated and loaded into barges to the unloading in Chicago and placement on the site. The clips illustrate the consistency and handling quality of the sediment throughout the process. The mud will provide topsoil for the slag field at the old US Steel South Works site that will become a city park.

Illinois River Project

The initial phases of the Illinois River Ecosystem Restoration Project include studies of sediment and its handling characteristics and potential use as topsoil. These video clips are from a number of demonstration projects and work sites.

Pekin Landfill

In 2007, mud from Lower Peoria Lake that was taken to the Pekin Landfill in Tazewell County to provide topsoil for final cover. The project was on a smaller scale than the Chicago US Steel site project and used deck barges and over the road trucks. These clips show handling characteristics of mud that has been out of the water on a barge from a few hours to two days. The Overview shows entire process including the excavation, handling and placement. The other videos clips show individual steps, sometimes in more detail.