Illinois Biochar Group

The Illinois Biochar Group (IBG) is co-hosted by ISTC and the National Center for Agricultural Utilization Research (a division of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Research Service - USDA/ARS/NCAUR) located in Peoria, IL. ISTC hosts the website and usually a spring meeting of the group each year. Steve Peterson at NCAUR currently coordinates the group and hosts a fall meeting each year at the NCAUR facility in Peoria.

The IBG was formed in 2010 after increased interest in biochar in the Midwest region. The group has members from throughout the Midwest and encourages research in the production and use of biochar. Uses can range from agricultural amendments to industrial applications. The IBG website has information on research and publications by group members, videos and meeting/conference archives, and additional resources about biochar.