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Technical Assistance

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2019: $833,855 saved, 11,532 million tons carbon dioxide equivalents reduced, 669,253 gallons water saved, and 11,379,148 kilowatts saved

The Technical Assistance Program (TAP) makes companies and communities more competitive and resilient with sustainable business practices, technologies, and solutions. TAP works at the intersection of industry, science and government to help clients achieve profitable, sustainable results.

Our Process

  • Initiate Contact
  • Discuss needs and concerns
  • Deploy a TAP Engineer to the company
  • Conduct an initial meeting and site visit
  • Provide an initial recommendation report
  • Establish baseline and act on next steps
  • Document savings and benefits

TAP Technical Services

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Evaluation of overall process and potential opportunities for efficiency and improvements both for process and material use optimization.

Comprehensive Assessment
A customized assessment of production processes to reduce energy & water consumption, minimize carbon footprint, reduce waste, increase productivity, and drive innovation.

Waste Characterization
Provide a variety of cost-effective, sustainable waste minimization and diversion services to improve existing waste management processes.

Water Efficiency & Conservation
Provide a detailed picture of a site’s water use and consumption patterns, including cost analysis, highlighting payback and environmental benefits.

Waste Water Treatment Plant Efficiency Program
ISTC, in partnership with SEDAC and IEPA, will conduct a no-cost energy efficiency assessment for publicly-owned waste water treatment facilities. A final assessment report provides recommendations for energy efficiency improvements.

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Assist in project management to provide a solution to complex challenges; from scoping projects and monitoring them as they move towards a successful outcome.

Sustainability Certification
We provide hands-on certification assistance to help companies reach accreditation.

Pilot Evaluations and Trials
Analyze materials, equipment or techniques to evaluate how they affect waste streams, to impact process efficiency and remove hazards.

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Process Optimization

Deep analysis and mapping of a process line through a sustainable lens, to minimize costs, maximize through-put and efficiencies.

Engineering Solutions
Assist in developing sustainable manufacturing processes through lean facility planning, efficient material handling, and a focus on creating high quality products that have close to zero defects as possible.

Chemical Substitution/Hazardous Waste Reduction
Assist companies identify innovative green and sustainable production tools, methods, and alternatives that reduce their use of toxics and save them money.

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Assist in communicating a sustainability message within an organization to enable an environment of change.

Greening the Supply Chain 
Provide assessment and implementation support to a company's suppliers to help them meet the company's sustainability performance criteria.

Sustainability Planning and Reporting Assistance
Assist companies to inventory current sustainability activities (even if they are not recognized as such) and identify goals for improvement of operational sustainability.  Envision and/or create communication pieces to convey the story of progress toward these goals to key stakeholders.

ISTC Advantage

ISTC has over 30 years of experience in pollution prevention and waste reduction, led by manufacturing engineers and environmental scientists. ISTC integrates applied research, technical assistance, and information services to advance efforts in the areas of pollution prevention; water and energy conservation; and materials recycling and beneficial reuse.