Employment Opportunities

PRI is seeking to hire a Visiting Front-End Web Developer to collaborate with design and communication professionals, administrators, scientists, and back-end developers to create intuitive, visually engaging, brand-consistent, standards-compliant websites to effectively communicate the activities and impact of PRI.

The Illinois Natural History Survey is seeking an amphibian technician to collect demographic data from drift fences surrounding vernal wetlands in east-central Illinois. The sites under study are rich in amphibian diversity with 19 species of amphibians known to occur in the region.

INHS is seeking a Waterfowl Ecologist / Director of the Forbes Biological Station (FBS) and Bellrose Waterfowl Research Center.  The Forbes Biological Station (FBS), located along the Illinois River on Chautauqua National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) in Havana, IL, was founded by Stephen Forbes in 1894, and is the oldest inland field station in North America.  The station is a premier center for waterfowl and wetland science in North America.  Research infrastructure and equipment available at the field station include boats, trucks, all-terrain vehicles, tractors, and a fully functionally laboratory.  Excellent collaborative opportunities exist with nearby field stations and offices operated by the Illinois Natural History Survey, The Nature Conservancy, University of Illinois at Springfield, Western Illinois University, the National Great Rivers Research and Education Center, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service NWRs, and the Illinois Department of Natural Resources. 

INHS is seeking a Visiting Assistant Research Scientist, Biodiversity Genomics to develop, plan, conduct, and direct specialized research programs of significance on any of a broad range of topics using genome scale data to address questions in the biodiversity sciences. Position is based in Champaign, Illinois.

INHS is seeking a Visiting Assistant Research Scientist, Wildlife Ecologist to develop, conduct, and direct specialized research programs of significance on topics in mammalian ecology, specifically wildlife-human interactions in anthropogenically-dominated landscapes. Position is based in Champaign, Illinois.

ISGS is seeking to hire a Visiting Assistant Research Scientist, Structural Geologist to contribute to and lead multi-disciplinary subsurface research programs within and beyond the ISGS in the area of structural geology and/or geomechanics. Position is based in Champaign, Illinois.

The Illinois Natural History Survey seeks a principal research scientist who will develop and manage a research program, while also serving as director of INHS, providing leadership, direction, and overall administration for the development, coordination, and implementation of scientific research and service programs undertaken and provided by INHS.


The INHS Medical Entomology Laboratory is seeking a Postdoctoral Research Associate to study the foraging ecology of an invasive mosquito (Aedes albopictus). Topics of interests include: understanding how vector-feeding preferences vary under a diversity of natural host communities; elucidating the influence of physiological state and infection on feeding behavior; and disentangling the selective pressures behind host specialization. The work would entail a combination of field, mesocosm, and lab work, and support the creation and use of mathematical models to explore the evolutionary and epidemiological implications of environmental influences on mosquito behavior.

Conduct basic and applied research in a field and laboratory setting in the area of carbon capture processes.