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ISTC develops greener biofuels process

Kirtika Kohli and BK Sharma have been busy in the lab creating a greener delignification method for biofuels refinery processes. Many see biofuels as a viable alternative to fossil fuels because they are renewable and can reduce carbon emissions through plant growth. However, biomass needs to be processed before it can be converted to biofuels.


Institutional Water Treatment program now tests facilities for bacterium causing Legionnaires’ disease

ISTC's Institutional Water Treatment (IWT) program now offers testing of water sources for Legionella, the bacterium that causes Legionnaires’ disease. The IWT services group gives advice on controlling corrosion, mineral scale formation, and biological growth for facilities with institutional water systems. 


Maggie Oudsema, a research assistant at the Robert B. Annis Water Resources Institute (AWRI), Grand Valley State University and John Scott, Illinois Sustainable Technology Center, lower microplastic samples into Muskegon Lake. (Photo courtesy John Scott)

Microplastics may increase the risk of PFAS entering the Lake Michigan food web

ISTC researcher John Scott led a team of researchers to understand the extent to which PFAS and other contaminants attach to microplastics in waterways. Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant funded the project. 

ISTC’s  Salvage Yard Environmental Guidebook and Self-Audit Checklist helps salvage yard operators better understand the environmental issues, comply with state and federal environmental regulations, and implement best management practices to minimize risks and liabilities. The manual details best management practices for safely managing all types of waste found in salvage yards, including spent air bags and …
In 2018, Illinois’ governor signed House Bill IL-HB5741, which amended the University of Illinois Scientific Surveys Act. The bill directed the Prairie Research Institute (PRI) to conduct a scientific literature review of contaminants of emerging concern in wastewater treatment plant effluent. It also requested that PRI compile a listing of the specific actions recommended by …

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