Sponsored Research Program

The Sponsored Research Program, with funds from the State’s Hazardous Waste Research Fund, has supported over 235 projects since 1985 to advance the state of knowledge and practice in areas of sustainability, pollution prevention, energy generation and conservation, and other environmental issues of importance to the State. Support has been provided to universities and colleges, industries, businesses, not-for-profit organizations, and government entities.

Usually three to six new projects receive funding each year, depending on funds available, the strength and relevance of the proposals, and the most pressing current sustainability problems in Illinois.

Each of ISTC’s new funding cycles begins with a focused solicitation identifying issues of special interest to the State.

Due to state budgetary constraints, there will not be an RFP this year. To be added to the RFP notification email list, please contact Elizabeth Meschewski.


Please contact Elizabeth Meschewski, Sponsored Research Program Assistant Coordinator, via email or phone: 217-333-7403.